Poem with 15 unusual words

We moved thither to the iceberg, slow and steady as we hither i said are you ready, We saw water snakes slither as the iceberg got bigger and bigger, ” A SAIL A SAIL” i shouted an then the crew member swound and hit the ground, the waves were tyrannous as the rain piled on us,only waves betwixt us and the lighthouse as we had passed the iceberg and saw the light turn upon us, the light made me sultry but there was still dew, i said to the  upcoming sun its brighter than you, the helmsman steered as the lighthouse we neared, he spake and the language of the sea with his boat   forward may it be, eftsoons the helmsman face went down there was now a frown , the sheen fixed on our boat and the boat looked as if it was clean, he quoth at the lighthouse as it was funny but all i wanted to see was my mummy, she said i should be home for the vesper , the church was simonized the crew stared to soliloquize as the we neard with my mums solid eye

20 unusual words

  1. Stoppeth – this means stop in third person
  2. Sopp’st – this is present continuous and basically means stop as well.
  3. May’st – this is the second person of may
  4. Quoth – this is third person and is used as a humorous term
  5. Eftsoons – this is a saying soon after
  6. Hath – this is the third person for have
  7. Spake – past of speak
  8. Kirk – this means a Scottish or English church
  9. Bassoon – this is a woodwind instrument which is played with a double reed
  10. Tyrannous – this means unjust or aggressive behavior
  11. Aye – this means yes
  12. Sheen – this means a slight light or spotlight
  13. Ken – this word means know
  14. Swound – this means when  someone or something faints
  15. Helmsman – this is a person who steers a boat or ship
  16. Vespers – this is a religious evening service
  17. Hither – this means to go to or move towards something
  18. Betwixt – this means between
  19. Sultry – this means hot and humid
  20. Dew –  this is are tiny drops of water

Part the seventh Ancient Mariner

  1. As he is sailing he sees a lighthouse and realizes its his house
  2. For some reason the boat is twisting and flipping crazily
  3. He is so happy that he is home and thanks the wedding guest for coming with him
  4. Together the walk to Kirk with happiness and all pray
  5. He says by together and the story concludes

5 key events on part the sixth by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  1. People are starting to ask if it was the ancient mariner who shot the albatross with a bow

  2. The ancient mariner is now being approached by the people who believe it was he who shot the albatross
  3. The Ancient Mariner onlookers start to ask questions
  4. The people leave and looks around him
  5. The ancient Mariner believe he is dead as all the people around him are

5 key events on part the fifth

1.The Ancient Mariner was getting used to having a cursed lifted of him and loving it as he felt free again.

2. The Mariner is trying hard to do good things so god will forgive him for kill the ancient mariner.

3.The Ancient Mariners crew pulled up the sails to the max to go faster even there was a unknown source pushing the boat forward.

4.Two men had come up to him and ask themselves if it was the ancient was the one who killed the ancient mariner.

5.The two men realized it was the mariner and wanted revenge.

discovery badge attempt

In the rime of the ancient mariner part the fitth I have identified a metaphor that is ‘ And my body still drank’. By saying this I think Samuel Taylor Coleridge was trying to explain that the ancient mariner was hallucianating drinking as he hadn’t for so long  Read More

Homework on the rime of the ancient mariner part the fourth

mariner-mist1. The first thing that happened in this amazing section was, the Ancient Mariner wanted to commit suicide because a horrible curse had been summoned upon him, because of this he couldn’t move for seven days and seven nights.

2.The Ancient Mariner had spotted water snakes near his boat but he couldn’t move towards them.

3. They started to move closer and closer to the Ancient Mariner’s boat and he started to see there apparently beautiful faces.

4. ‘O happy living things!’ the Mariner exclaimed with euphoria a sudden gush of love exploded out of his heart, unawered he had blessed them.

5. Finally the curse had been lifted of him he was as happy as could be  and the albatross fell of his worn-out neck



Peice of work done in class on ancient mariner part 4

Pita pata,rain dropped from the pitch black cloud above the ancient mariner’s ship whilst him and his crew from the dead were trying to make the boat sail forwards determinedly as if the life depended upon it. They towed there hearts out to get away from tyrannous storm that summoned on them to there unfortune Read More


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